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  • 产品名称: Aluminum Primer B3320


1.Product introduction

Aluminum Primer B3320 is a kind of waterbased primer which was applied for PET film Aluminum  pretreatment. Consists of two components A and B, It can increase the surface tension of PET film, and the adhesion between Aluminum layer and PET film.

2.Usage method

Allocate the components A and B to a certain proportion, Dilution with deionized water according to actual production process.

3.Technical Characteristics

● Increase the adhesion between Aluminum layer and PET film

● Increase High temperature resistance, Increase boiling resistance

● Suitable for online coating process



Testing Method



Adhesion between Aluminum layer and PET film


High Temperature Resistance

150℃baking 30min

No rainbow

Boiling Resistance

Water cooking 60 min

Aluminum layer does not fall off

Solid Content




20kg/barrel(can be adjusted according to your requirement)

6.Storage conditions and shelf life

Keep in a cool place,suggest temperature 10℃~30℃.Shelf life half year under normal storage conditions.


1. Tanks and other containers must be kept clean , avoid mixing impurities to it , such as miscellaneous ions, oils, etc.

2.The configuration of the liquid need to use deionized water, no tap water.

3.The film should be corona.

4.The final primer should be used in 4 hours.

5.Drying condition 180℃, 2 minutes.

!The information is based on our practical production and result of testing. We suggest testing should be necessary before a batch use.We announce that the specification can not be used as the guarantee of the products.

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