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  • 产品名称: IR Blocking Film B5116-BF


◆Brief Introduction:

IR blocking film provide an innovative solution to replace IR blocking ink for clear/transparent card applications in the payment card industry. IR blocking film meet the infrared opacity requirements of ISO/IEC 7810.


 ● Compared with IR blocking ink, the difference is:  

 ● No special consideration in storage and use.

 ● High and stable infrared opacity performance.  

 ● Cut ink planning/purchasing/ inventory management.  

 ● Cut silkscreen printing process.  

 ● Prevent ink lifetime issue and its storage scrap lost.

 ● Green process for card manufacturer. 

◆Typical structure of IR blocking film:

◆Typical infrared opacity performance:

◆Typical clear/transparent card structure:

◆With Prelam:

◆Laminating condition:

Regular laminating setting of customers’ are recommended


Inner: PE bag  Outer: Carton


Keep package sealed and moisture-proof, room temperature between 5~30℃.

Keep horizontally, avoid oppress heavily and direct sun light.

Stacking height should not exceed one meter.

Shelf life: One year.

!The information is based on our practical production and result of testing. We suggest testing should be necessary before a batch use.We announce that the specification can not be used as the guarantee of the products.

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