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  • 产品名称: Anti-static Primer B3320K


1.Product introduction

B3320K is a kind of water based primer which was research and developed especially for film/sheet anti-static. It can provide long lasting Dissipative function, effective prevention of electrostatic accumulation.

2.Usage method

Dilution with deionized water according to actual production process.

3.Technical Characteristics

● Permanent conduct electricity, performance is not affected by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity

● Good adhesion and weather ability, High transmittance

● Suitable for online coating process





Black liquid

Surface Resistivity

10^5~10^9 Ω/□

Adhesion to PET

5B(cross cut test)

Solid Content





20kg/barrel(can be adjusted according to your requirement)

6.Storage conditions and shelf life

Keep in a cool place, suggest temperature 10℃~30℃.

Shelf life half year under normal storage conditions.


1.Tanks and other containers must be kept clean , avoid mixing impurities to it , such as miscellaneous ions, oils, etc.

2.The configuration of the liquid need to use deionized water, no tap water.

3.The film should be corona.

4.Suggested coating weight 0.1g/m² dry weight.

5. Drying condition 50℃ 10 minutes.

!The information is based on our practical production and result of testing. We suggest testing should be necessary before a batch use.We announce that the specification can not be used as the guarantee of the products.

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