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  • 产品名称: MGI Digital Press Sheet B5107C


◆Brief Introduction:

BOYUAN MGI Digital Press sheet B5107C is developed specially for the whole series of MGI digital printing machines. With excellent printed image, ink adhesion and heat resistance, it is widely used in ID cards and documents production.

◆Using Method:

Printed directly by the MGI digital printing machine.


 ● Good printability.

 ● Excellent ink adhesion.

◆Technical Parameters:




Clean and flatness

Dimensional Tolerance  (mm)


Angel Cut Tolerance    (mm)


Diagonal Difference    (mm)


Thickness Tolerance    (mm)


Laminating Condition:

Laminating Unit



Time (min)

Heat Laminating




Cool Laminating





Outer:Carton        Inner:PE bag


Keep package sealed and moisture-proof, room temperature between 5~30℃.

Keep horizontally, avoid oppress heavily and direct sun light.

Stacking height should not exceed one meter.

Shelf life: One year.

!The information is based on our practical production and result of testing. We suggest testing should be necessary before a batch use.We announce that the specification can not be used as the guarantee of the products.